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Scope of International Journal of Smart Health and Smart Cities

IJSHSC is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on the science and technology of smart health and smart cities.

The journal focuses on:
  • Electrical engineering for Smart Cities
  • Computer engineering and information technology engineering for Smart Health and Smart Cities

Smart Health

This track of the journal focuses on research articles on sensing, sensors hardware/software models and systems architectures and computing and communication technologies for public health.

The journal looks for these health issues and applications: Wearable medical systems, Remote/ Non-invasive Biomonitoring, Wireless health monitoring, Healthcare modeling, Intelligent medical devices, Intuitive Interfaces for Children and the Elderly, Security and Privacy/Access Control Protocols, Software and hardware, Interoperable security, Model Based Bio-engineering Data-based health monitoring, Assisted living, Entertainment, Games for Improving Health, Diabetes Care, Obesity Management, Drug Use Prevention, Entertainment, Leisure and sports for health.

Smart Cities

This track of the journal focuses on research articles on cyber–physical systems and Virtual reality for Smart Cities, Transport and mobility.

Other of interest are: Non Binary Computing, Lounge Room Manufacturing, Autonomy & autonomous systems, Support System for persons with disabilities, Space technologies, Analytics & Data Science, Community Safety, Entertainment, Information, Tele-Operation, Tele-Diagnosis, Robotics, Sustainable Manufacturing, Social simulation, Cybersecurity, smart factories, smart homes, industry 4.0:, Autonomous reconfiguration and AI: , Data Centers and Network systems, Next generation cellular network fraud and security, AI for Security and Security for AI, Intrusion Detection and Fraud Detection, Security and Privacy for E-Payments, E-Voting, E-Commerce, Security and Privacy for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, and prevention, Smart-remanufacturing, Supply Chain Resilience, Transfer Learning.